The Mink Lab Hair & Lashes founded by Taylor Moss,  specializes in providing AUTHENTIC RAW HAIR!! Our RAW HAIR Collection, which is high end hair that hasn’t been chemically or steamed processed has NO LIFESPAN on it meaning it can be used as long as it's cared for!!! It's REAL HAIR straight from DONORS IN INDIA! 


We also have 2 more bomb collections coming in 2019!!! We’re an honest company and would love to keep our loyal clients so we educate as best we can if you’re a first-time buyer or a returning customer. 


Whichever texture of hair you desire to purchase will be an amazing Mink Lab experience. Please tag our Facebook and IG page when posting pictures. Thanks in advance to you all. Xoxoxoxoxo much love! Thanks for supporting and trusting my brand.

Taylor Moss

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